I am happy to announce the release of Package Drone 0.0.9!

Be sure to check out the most recent release on github.

This release is a step towards the 0.1.0 version.

A lot of things where refactored and fixed behind the scenes. Gemini JPA does refresh the JPA unit bundles in order to weave them correctly, but this triggers also a stop and start on all depending bundles. Which turned out that the Web UI was stopped and started while processing the request to configure the database of the JPA units. So many bundles have been split up to support finer grained dependencies and resolve this issue once.

At the same time the long standing issue of the deadlock occurring when re-configuring the database was resolved, but not yet fixed. This is a bug in Eclipse Equinox, which will, hopefully, get fixed in Eclipse Mars M6. There is a possible fix, which could be implemented by forking Equinox, but I would rather like to wait for an official fix on that.

Beside all that there is now a site prefix, which can be configured for generated links in the e-mails and the self-registration feature can be disabled.

There are a few things left for 0.1.0, but now we do have a release which we think appropriate as a first demo system. So if you just want to take a look, head over to http://thedrone.packagedrone.org and check it out. You will not be able to create a user, until we have implemented the role authorization concept.

Package Drone 0.0.9
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