After version 0.1.0 is released and a few issues with the user registration have been sorted out, it is time to add a few new features 😉

One important feature, which is still missing is option to cleanup artifacts from a channel. So after you deploy to a channel for some time, e.g. from an integration build. You want to clear out old versions at some point.

For this there will be a new channel aspect: cleanup.

Once it has been added an configured it will aggregate and sort artifacts by the metadata fields you configured, and then clean up and only keep the last “x” versions.

In addition to that the maven upload process has been restructured. Uploading to a maven repository is, well, not always as straight forward as it might seem. 😉 so the next version will handle the upload process a bit different behind the scenes.

This allows one to deploy with plain maven (e.g. the apache Felix OSGi mojo) and attach the sources in the upload. And Package Drone will automatically create Eclipse Source Bundles from the maven source attachments.

Also will it be possible to consume the repository information using plain maven. The repository adapter will support reading metadata and artifacts using the maven 2 repository layout.

Although this was not our primary use case, but still package drone can then also be used as a plain maven repository sever 😉

Cleanup, Maven Adapter & Deployment
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