Package Drone is steadily growing and gaining more features. Now we want to take the next step and bring Package Drone to a more prominent place, a place which also makes it easier for contributors and users to join the effort.

There still is lot of work to do, lots of features and wishes un-implemented. So in order to make Package Drone a successful open source project we need more contributors and users. And since so many components and technologies of Package Drone are Eclipse based, we think that the Eclipse Foundation is the right place for this project.

A project at the Eclipse foundation starts with the proposal stage. In this phase it will gather feedback and and try to get more supporters and committers. Read the project proposal here:

If you could imagine to contribute, or even if you just could show your support in being listed in the “Interested Party” section, please do so. You can just drop us an email and we can help you to get started.

Eclipse Project Proposal
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