I am happy to announce the release of Package Drone 0.1.5!

Be sure to check out the most recent release on github.

New & noteworthy

This is mainly a bug fix release which clears up some defects and fixes the user interfaces so that is clearer on how to use Package Drone.

The main bug which is fixed is issue #38. A strange behavior of Maven which refuses to authorize itself using Basic Authentication when either the username or password is blank. Which works perfectly when Maven is called as embedded instance from inside Eclipse. Since then a different repository manager (Eclipse Aether) is used for performing repository tasks. However Package Drone should support both ways, so this got fixed in the current version.

A look ahead

A little bit of code is already contained in this release of what will come in the next releases. There will be a option to import artifacts from external sources. Package Drone will get an import mechanism, which will be extensible as the other parts. And also get some functionality for long running tasks (aka jobs). As a proof of concept there will be two import modules, which already work in my local development setup: Plain HTTP import and “Import from Maven Repository”. This allows one to put in some Maven coordinates (Group ID, Artifact ID and Version) and automatically pull in the required files. Since all the other functionality of Package Drone works as well, you can easily import and OSGi bundle from “Maven Central” and get the Eclipse Source Bundle generated on the fly. A dream come true 😉


Package Drone 0.1.5
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