I am happy to announce the release of Package Drone 0.2.2!

Be sure to check out the most recent release on github.

Package Drone 0.2.2 brings a few UI bug fixes and the Unzip Adapter.

The Unzip Adapter allows to deep link inside of ZIP artifacts. For one, this allows to link to “about.html” files, which are stored inside the feature or bundle JAR files.

On the other side, this allows one now to upload a full P2 repository ZIP and directly use it using the URL:


Or, if you want the newest artifact of a channel, by name:


Then there are several UI cleanups and the addition of confirmation dialogs for possibly dangerous actions.

Also has the build been extended to produce JavaDoc, which can be read online at: http://doc.packagedrone.org/javadoc.

Package Drone 0.2.2
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