OpenShift is a platform from RedHat for easily creating application deployments in a virtual environment. Applications can easily be created by assembling it from existing application modules (aka cartridges). Since OpenShift supports Linux, Java 8 and MySQL, it sounded like a great idea to provide a Package Drone cartridge and quickstart.

So if you like to try out Package Drone the easiest way possible you just need to:

  • Create an account at OpenShift
  • Follow the link to the quickstart at OpenShift Hub and click deploy
  • Grab a coffee and wait a little bit

In the end you will have a ready to use instance of Package Drone hosted on the RedHat cloud infrastructure. The only thing left is to configure a management user.

The best thing to all of this is, you can do all this without leaving Mac OS or Windows 😉

Oh and by the way, there were a few fixes necessary on Package Drone, so version 0.2.4 is released.

Package Drone on OpenShift
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