Wuuuushhh … Package Drone 0.6.0 is out!

Be sure to check out the most recent release on github.

The big feature in this release is the file system BLOB store. So due to the issues with MySQL and PostgreSQL when it comes to big BLOBs (see previous posts) the (some would say, long overdue) file system BLOB store was added. It acts as an overlay to the database which can be activated at any time and after this store the BLOBs in the file system. BLOBs which had been stored in the database before are still loaded from the database.

Now although this was possible before on machines with more memory, it is now possible to host a full build of Eclipse Orbit in the virtual machine running thedrone.packagedrone.org, our demo system. The channel consists of an imported ZIP archive, containing the actual build output of Eclipse Orbit. The artifacts are extracted as virtual artifacts and metadata is being generated on those. Adding a second build of Orbit would merge those two results, but still each build would be an atomic unit, since they got uploaded as ZIPs.

The documentation also got a bit of attention, so there is a little bit more on the file system blob store, system properties and backup & restore.

Package Drone 0.6.0
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