So what happened in April? Not much from a release perspective 😉

However a few things have happened behind the scenes. So first we hopefully have two additional contributors, they provided a few minor fixed and a lot of great ideas! Hopefully there will be more in the future.

In addition to a few bug fixes there is issue #71 in GitHub. Based on the idea that each JAR file generated by Maven contains a POM file, it would be possible to a) extract this POM file and b) create necessary metadata out of it in order to provide the necessary maven repository information.

In short this means that the next version of Package Drone will allow the upload of a simple, Maven generated, JAR and can provide it using the Maven repository adapter.

So hopefully there will be some time in the next weeks to make another release of Package Drone 🙂

There also is a Google Group now for Package Drone. Of course everything which is a bug, feature request or similar should go the the GitHub issue tracker. However questions and discussions now can be handled better at the new Package Drone Google Group.

Short April update
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