Flappppp … Package Drone 0.7.0 is out!

Be sure to check out the most recent release on github.

This release of Package Drone brings in ideas, help and code from @cornzy, @CptMauli and @maggu2810. Thank you for contributing!

Beside a few nice little enhancements like channel help pages for maven and p2, a freetext HTML documentation page for each channel and a few cleanup there are two nice little features which are worth mentioning. Of course the full release notes are available on GitHub.

First of all there is Nexus scraping. Yes, Package Drone can provide a full remote index for the Nexus repository. Well, I you like to do that of course 😉 Package Drone provides the same meta data index files as Nexus does and so the full remote index information can be used by Nexus.

Second there was a discussion in the GitHub issue tracker about the idea to make it easier to consume artifacts using maven. Before 0.7.0 it was necessary to upload artifacts with “mvn deploy” in order to be able to download them. Now when a JAR file gets uploaded to Package Drone, the “Maven Extractor” process can unpack the embedded POM file from a JAR file and extract the Maven meta data information (group, artifact, version) from the POM file. The rest stays the same, the Maven Repository index will pick up this data and create a Maven repository structure for this. Another nice little feature.

Thanks to the contributors!

Package Drone 0.7.0
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