Rooooar … Package Drone 0.8.0 is out!

Be sure to check out the most recent release on github.

The main two features in this release are validation and the upload API.

Validation allows each aspect to provide information if artifacts or channels are valid (WARNING, ERROR) and provide a message. Two use cases are OSGi bundles with invalid names, which would cause a P2 repository error later on. Second the case when two P2 installable units have the same ID but different MD5 checksums. Again P2 would complain and Package Drone can fix and warn about this now.

The Upload “API” (actually just a URL, see the Upload API in the wiki) allows to create a new artifact using a simple PUT/POST request using the deploy key system. So it is possible to use curl or any other command line tool to upload artifacts.

Using this API Package Drone also now has a Jenkins Plugin, which can be used to deploy directly from Jenkins to Package Drone.

Thanks to the contributors!

Package Drone 0.8.0
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