Package Drone got accepted as an Eclipse Foundation project. Hooray 🙂 So before anything big will happen in this matter, it will take some time. First the project has to been provisioned, then the source and required dependencies be pushed through the IP review process. So, with a little bit of luck, we can make a first release as Eclipse project this year.

Also did we present Package Drone at the Eclipse DemoCamp Munich. If you missed the event, you can view the slides on slideshare. Although most of the time was used for demoing the actual system. So don’t expect too much from the slides.

Finally we made some more milestone releases the last weeks. So most recent, milestone 6, was released today. The focus was again on stability and performance. The plan is that the next release already is a release candidate, so the final release of 0.10.0 would be in the next few weeks.

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