Klonk! … Package Drone 0.11.0 is out!

Be sure to check out the most recent release on github.

This release features the already described change in the storage model. Although this does require a clean re-installation for this release, it will allow future development to consider storage options like S3, different storage implementations in general and reduced the installation size by 10MB (about 25%).

As always the GitHub release notes are in more detail, but a summary of the changes is right here:

  • Changed storage model
  • Support for OBR
  • Performance improvements
  • The usual bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Initial support for OpenSUSE
  • Rename package names to Eclipse Foundation conventions
  • Re-structure git repository
  • GoogleBot handling

So what about the 0.10.x release? Of course it will still be available on GitHub. And if critical bugs come up which are not related to the general database setup, then these will be patches as well. However development will move on. And it is possible to migrate data by using the “export” and “import” functionality.

Package Drone 0.11.0
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