Yes, it took a bit longer than expected … but here we are! The first few builds of Eclipse Package Drone have been run on the Package Drone HIPP instance at Eclipse, pulling its source from the GitHub repository eclipse/packagedrone. This is a big step forward in bringing Package Drone to the Eclipse Foundation.

The next thing will be a first release, but for this we still have to wait until all CQs have been fully processed. So this may still take a while and I guess it won’t be before January 2016 that we have a first release of Eclipse Package Drone.

So what’s the difference right now? We decided to start with a fresh git repository, so the old repository will still be around in the same way it was. Old versions (0.10.x and before) will still be maintained here. However the project itself moves on and will use the new GitHub repository for active development. All links will point to the eclipse/packagedrone repository. Also if you want to contribute now (even through GitHub) it is necessary now that you sign the Eclipse CLA.

When it comes to the wiki, we will use the wiki of the Eclipse Foundation and have our space at For downloading releases, we are still undecided if we will continue to use GitHub releases or use the download space of the Eclipse Foundation. But for issues, we are glad that we can be one of the first projects which may use GitHub issues as an Eclipse project. So in the case of an issue or idea or whatever, head over the new issue space instead of using the old one. We will probably copy over a few issues, but on the same time like to use it as a fresh, clean start. So if you would like to help, copy over your issues to the new repository and close it in the old one. Thanks for helping!

So don’t be alarmed when the links on the homepage slowly start to change towards the new GitHub repository eclipse/packagedrone, it is a good sign and a lot effort went into it 😉

First builds at Eclipse
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  • 2015-12-17 at 13:49

    Congratulations. This is great news 😉 Package drone has become a viable solution when integrating third party libraries into our Eclipse RCP application which are not available through e.g. the Eclipse Orbit repo.


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