Today the first milestone at the Eclipse Foundation was released: 0.12.0.m1 This release marks an important step for Package Drone.

First of all we have completed the transition to the Eclipse Foundation. All CQs are processed, the IP log is approved, the download area received its first binaries, there are download instruction pages and we are awaiting the release review. This means we are ready for the 0.12.0 version.

But also from a technical perspective Package Drone 0.12.0 is the first stable build which provides a few new features from the 0.12.x development cycle. Uploading PGP keys, initial support for Windows, Maven import with dependencies, just to name a few.

But be aware: This is a milestone release and things have changed between 0.11.x and 0.12.0. Beside the fact that the repository URLs have changed. So be sure to backup your data and “handle with care” 😉

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First milestone build at Eclipse – 0.12.0.m1
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2 thoughts on “First milestone build at Eclipse – 0.12.0.m1

  • 2016-01-26 at 08:23

    Maven import with dependencies… This is really great news. Thanks a lot! I have a lot of use cases where I import OSGi bundles from Maven Central into package drone to serve them via a P2 repo. Sounds like I won’t have to cope with the dependencies manually in the future.

    Another great feature would be the integration of the “Apache Felix Maven Bundle Plugin” in the import process to add/correct missing OSGi infos in the manifest files 😉


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