Package Drone … no wait .. Eclipse Package Drone 0.12.0 is out!

Be sure to check out the most recent release on GitHub.

The most notable topic in this release is of course that this is the first release from Eclipse. This will change a lot of links, like the release page and also the YUM and APT repositories. So be sure to check out the
new Installations page in the wiki.

All old releases (0.11.x and before) will remain on GitHub at ctron/package-drone.

New and noteworthy

So beside the move to Eclipse and few bug fixes, the new version also has some new features and already contains a few preparations for the upcoming trigger system. For the full list of changes and features have a look at the new and noteworthy page in the wiki.

Maven Import with dependencies: During the BoF at EclipseCon Europe 2015 we got some really good feedback. And one feature request was to import from Maven repositories, including dependencies. So starting with Package Drone 0.12.0 it is possible to resolve Maven dependencies before proceeding with the import. Dependencies already in the channel will be detected and shown in the result list in which the user can also customize the import request before performing the import.

Windows support: The development setup of Package Drone is now also working on Windows. So using the Eclipse installer and setting of the project on Windows is now possible.

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Package Drone 0.12.0 released
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