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Woha! Eclipse Package Drone was able to grab one Google Summer of Code slot for 2016. The proposal of “Pubudu Fernando” for implementing a “Docker Repository Adapter” was accepted. Thanks for the great proposal!

And many thanks for all the other proposals. Package Drone was lucky to attract quite a few fine proposals. And the Eclipse Foundation (Package Drone is only one small project of the Eclipse Foundation) was able to get nearly 100 proposals. Sadly, not all proposals can be accepted.

But I am really looking forward to mentor this project and see Package Drone getting another interesting interface.

GSoC 2016 – Docker Registry Adapter
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2 thoughts on “GSoC 2016 – Docker Registry Adapter

    • 2016-08-17 at 15:32

      Yes and no. Unfortunately the student failed during the mid-term evaluation.


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