Today Eclipse Package Drone 0.13.0 was released.

All old releases (0.11.x and before) will remain on GitHub at ctron/package-drone.

New and noteworthy

Please be sure to check the full New and Noteworthy page in the wiki.

The main feature for this release is the trigger system. It allows to add functionality in the flow of operations. For example when a new artifact is uploaded, there are “pre” and “post” triggers, to which the user can assign operations. Operations can be things like “clean up channel”.

Trigger will be run only at certain events, where “aspects” will change the state of a channel in a, somewhat, reproducible state. So removing an aspect and adding it again should bring back the same channel state, including virtual artifacts. Where removing a trigger and re-adding it, might does not change the channel state at all.

There are built-in triggers, but also trigger factories, which allow to create new trigger instances, which then again can get operations assigned. For example is there an HTTP endpoint trigger factory, which allows to create an HTTP endpoint trigger. Once a POST request is made on this HTTP endpoint, all operations assigned to this trigger instance will be run on the channel.

Of course the trigger system is as modular as the rest of Package Drone. So new trigger factories and operations can be created and registered in an OSGi like manner.

Beside that a lot of bug fixes and minor improvements have been made. Big thanks to all the contributors!!

What’s next?

Of course there are many ideas and quite a list of feature requests in the GitHub issues list. But since this project is driven by its contributors there is no plan laid for the next release. Contributions are welcome 😉

Still, I do hope that issue #9 gets some attention and we can provide a real external, RESTish API. There already are some basic dependencies for JAX-RS in 0.13.0, which allows us to define REST services, but still this release is missing a full JAX-RS implementation. Hopefully we can add this implementation in the 0.14 release, but we do need a bunch of CQs for this in order to use Swagger and Jersey.

There is also the always pending idea of having some “add-on manager”, which should users to add additional functionality to Package Drone by simply installing add-ons using a decent Web UI.

LDAP support, RPM signing, disk spool out for P2, Maven, YUM and APT would be nice as well.


Package Drone 0.13.0 released
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3 thoughts on “Package Drone 0.13.0 released

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  • 2016-06-21 at 22:31

    I’m currently packaging drone into a Docker Container – However I’ve stumbled into a problem. The only way of creating a “real” user is to use the web interface using the ‘admin’ and generated hash.

    Is it possible to setup an environment export channel and import that while building the docker image via a command line?

    Is it possible to provision a “default” user with password.

    I’ve solved the user part jut {storage path}/users.json – but password seems to be put elsewhere.


    • 2016-06-24 at 13:05

      Sorry for the late approval of the comment. However I think we already fixed this in issue #68 on GitHub.


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