As already presented at the Eclipse DemoCamp Neon in Munich, Package Drone 0.14.0 will be the next version. And we got all of our CQs ready now, so it is time to peek a bit into the future of Package Drone.

Also see the New and Noteworthy page!

Remote API Beside upgrading the runtime to Jetty 9.3.x and the IDE to Eclipse Neon a lot of new dependencies got added in order to have a JAX-RS based remote API. A few services already exists and it is possible to create access tokens for remote accessing Package Drone.

Addon Manager There is now an addon manager which will allow to install additional addons using OSGi’s infrastructure. So if you missing some functionality, it should be possible to “just” write an addon for Package Drone 😉

Upload V3 The new upload API allows to provide better feedback of what got uploaded and also allows to upload multiple files at once. The Jenkins Plugin already got updated for this.

And of course bugs got fixed and things improved. Like the support for OSGi capabilities in OSGi R5 repositories or a few broken links.

The new version is planned to be released at 20-16-08-31. The first milestone M1 is available right now.

What’s next – Package Drone 0.14.0

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