This is a short overview of the things that Package Drone can do.

Also check out the readme file.


  • Manual upload via Web UI
    • Using Upload Form
    • Using Drag & Drop
  • Deploy via “mvn deploy
    • Configure deploy keys for each channel
    • Support release and snapshot builds
    • Configurable, automatic cleanup
  • Download artifacts
    • Using Eclipse P2
    • Using plain Maven
    • As OSGi R5 XML repository index (for e.g. Bndtools)
    • Using the APT repository manager (also signed with GPG)
  • Extract Metadata
    • From OSGi Bundles and Eclipse Features
    • From Debian Package Files (“.deb”)
    • Common information (e.g. Checksum, MIME Type)
    • Extract maven information from POM files
  • Create virtual artifacts
    • Transform Maven source attachments to Eclipse Source Bundles
    • Create Eclipse Features and P2 Categories on the fly (also by using an Eclipse category.xml)
    • Extract a zipped P2 repository (in contrast to the “on-the-fly” unzipping this make the artifactas available in the Package Drone channel)
    • Extract POM files embedded in JAR files
  • Additional functionality
    • Automatic cleanup based on aggregation and sorting rules
    • On-the-fly unzipping of artifacts. Allows one to upload a full P2 repository ZIP and access it via P2.
    • Used POM files embedded in JAR files to create a maven repository structure on the fly